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Breathe It In

J. Ricci Energy




Friend, even if you cannot picture your future, do not despair.
All dreams of the future are already in the past.
Your true future is already taking care of itself.
The present moment is your home, never coming, never going.
It can be trusted, so breathe it in.

– Jeff Foster

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A Patchwork Quilt by Zenia Sheikh

One of my hobbies is quilting so this poem holds special meaning for me.


By Zenia Sheikh

Made up of memories of you
Bound together with love
Sewn with your selfless giving
Threads made of grace
Lined with thoughts of you.

Squares made of days gone by
Days we spent together
Each with a new design
Of the things that we shared.

Blanket stitches of our hearts
Mingle the squares in rows
Nothing can tear it apart
Not fire or flood or anything close.

It’s kept in a place of my keeping
The treasure chest of my heart
Wrapped in tissue of forgiveness
And tied with ribbons of love.

The colors all speak of you
Pinks and blues and other hues
Sewn tight and fastened together
With hope and faith and truth…

The Treasured Gift, by artist Karen Noles

Karen Noles is a talented artist  located in Montana who features Western and Native American subjects in her art.  I just love her work.  Here is one of her paintings called “The Treasured Gift.”

karen knoles 1

Insideout by Mary Burns

This poem expresses how I feel about writing.


By Mary Burns

Unto the world, what do they see?
The persona that is me.
My feelings inside I have kept,
But onto pages they have crept.
In the words that here I write,
Inside feelings see daylight.
They find expression and a place
To live and breathe in time and space.
No more to dwell in dark and doubt,
I must wear my inside out.

(all rights reserved)