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By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I’m no reformer; for I see more light
Than darkness in the world; mine eyes are quick
To catch the first dim radiance of the dawn,
And slow to note the cloud that threatens storm.
The fragrance and the beauty of the rose
Delight me so, slight thought I give its thorn;
And the sweet music of the lark’s clear song,
Stays longer with me than the night hawk’s cry.
And e’en in this great throe of pain called Life,
I find a rapture linked with each despair,
Well worth the price of Anguish.  I detect
More good than evil in humanity.
Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes,
And men grow better as the world grows old.


cloud face

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By Edwin Curran

The sky is calling me to go
Down thru the valleys of the sun;
Forever must I journey so
And spin and run.

Playfellow of the stars, I leap
Among their crowds and ring the moon
Seeking in its cradle to find sleep
Some midnight noon.

I toss the roving winds like grain
And let them spin and spill
Across this arching plain
Of time’s blue hill.

I live in this blue mountain bent
Upon the earth its floor
So round and huge, the firmament,
A mighty purple door.

My road is thru it, God’s great way
Chisled out of space and curled
And spreading out my wings all day
I whistle round the world.

Watching the clouds go by


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Being in nature is relaxing, but there is something about watching the clouds go by that calms and quiets the mind and makes time seem to slow down long enough for us to appreciate the beauty passing before our eyes.  The clouds are always there, waiting for us to look up.  Stop and say hello to a cloud today.