Carlisle Indian Industrial School Farmhouse

carlisle farmhouse

Image from Elizabeth Gibson, The Patriot-News

The building known as the Old Farmhouse at Carlisle Barracks that once was part of the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was slated to be demolished in the fall of 2012 to make room for housing needed for the families of military officers who attend the U.S. Army War College on the barracks.  

Word of this plan sparked an outcry from descendants of Carlisle Indian Industrial School students, which prompted the Army to reexamine the history of the farmhouse at 839 Patton Road and its significance to the school.

The result was a recent study by the Army Corps of Engineers that recommended the farmhouse be added to the existing National Historic Landmark district of the main Carlisle Indian School campus.  

I have a personal special interest in the fate of the Carlisle Indian School Farmhouse because I have blood relatives that were sent to Indian residential boarding schools, and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was the school that my grandmother attended.  

We can all learn from the past but only if the past is acknowledged and preserved.  Designating the Carlisle Farmhouse as a historical landmark and thus saving it from destruction is a good step in the right direction.  I look forward to seeing the Farmhouse restored as a reminder of what was and also as a symbol of hope for the future.   


The link below will take you to The Senteniel,, an April 27, 2014 article explaining in more detail the good news that Carlisle Indian School Farmhouse will be saved and the future proposed use of the farmhouse.


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