Poems for Architects



Poems, like architecture, are mosaic-patterned images…
They give you the entire picture in a glance;
but on a closer scrutiny, reveal to you, every single nuance.

I wrote the above lines on the cover of this interesting book, one I’ve had the pleasure to be gifted and read… Poems for Architects: An Anthology, by Jill Stoner.

Architecture being my passion and poetry being part of what I do to express myself, I found this book just apt and for me. The content definitely has poems, yes, but more so by different people from across the world. And classified under different sections like form, urbanism,etc- each section having a descriptive essay at the beginning and visuals interspersed with quotes. The book seeks asks as well as answers the question, ‘Why do architects need to know poetry?’

Sharing few of the poems:

1. A Walk Through Munich

*still life:
I walk through…

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