Full Circle


By Rachel D. Fogle

When one sets out on his destiny, many things are unclear.
But, as always, life is never clear.
No one can plan for the unexpected or even the expected.
It’s kind of like jumping off a bridge, you just gotta build your wings on the way down.

Coming Full Circle is what we all eventually do.
One’s family history, is of many faces and shades.
It’s always amazing to know that we are not the first or the last to come Full Circle.

Moments to treasure, tears to be cried are all part of this circle of life.

I look at each day and think, I can’t believe I’m still here,
To know the things I know, and be given such a chance as this.

Towards every horizon, is always a new day and with every sunset that towers over us,

Someone’s Full Circle has begun again.


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