Happy Place


happy place1



By Lily Frost

The peaceful glow of the moon,
the warm rays of the sun,
the freshness of a mid-morning sun shower.
All set the stage of my happy place.

In this place, I am in charge.
In this place, I also obey with a whole heart.
No hunger of life’s needs, do I feel,
not while walking in my happy place.

It has no walls, no sad faces,
no silent tears, only energetic smiles,
busy fingers working eagerly knowing that,
in my happy place, I am succeeding today.

It is a safe place, a good place,
a place to collect my thoughts,
to plan my action, to listen to my heart,
to pray for forgiveness and guidance.

My happy place is the only place
that I am totally at peace.
I truly believe we all have it.
It is called the “wise” mind.


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