Carlisle Journeys: American Indians in Show Business

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How The Carlisle Indian School Influenced The Entertainment World Yesterday And Today

The Cumberland County Historical Society is planning the first in a series of “Carlisle Journeys” biennial  conferences for the Fall of 2014 entitled “Carlisle Journeys:  American Indians in Show Business.”   The Carlisle Indian School students who made their way into films, shows, and theatres will be discussed by their respective biographers.  The influence and banning of the Wild West Shows is another area to be explored in the conference.  Contemporary entertainers will also share their own experiences, including the influence of the Carlisle and other boarding schools, on their craft.  

Speakers at the conference include:

  • The 1941’s, a Native American sketch comedy group
  • John Sanchez who recently served as the Academic Director of the American Indian Leadership program at American University in Washington, DC.  He now teaches in The College of Communications at Penn State University where his research interests are focused primarily at the intersection of contemporary American Indian cultures and the American News Media. 
  • Larry Sellers who is a Native American actor/stuntman.  He commonly portrays Native American characters such as his role on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as Cloud Dancing.
  • Dovie Thomason, a storyteller of traditional stories that are the cultural “heartsong” of community values and memory.  Dovie unfolds the layers of her indigenous worldview and teachings with respect, humor and rich vocal transformations.  Her work, “How the West was Spun” will be featured at the conference.      
  • Linda M. Waggoner is an independent historian and former lecturer in American Multicultural and Native American studies at California State University Sonoma.  She is the author of books and publications focused on Native American history.

The conference is to be held October 10-11, 2014 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Attendance to the conference and tours are free, but registration is required.

For more information, please click on the link to Carlisle Journeys:

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