Of Such Simplicity


By Ivan Donn Carswell

You and me,
the proof is there to see,
our lives are held within the spell of great simplicity,
we’re free of all the shadows dwelling in the hall,
seen in awe like pretty pictures hanging on the wall;
was it meant to be, intentionally,
of such simplicity?

The pace of Life
is not predictably ever free and oh so easy,
from the swift and mad to cruelly sore and sad
good times were had amongst the wrenching sorrows,
but most of life is so free of strife
as it was meant to be, essentially,

We have the time
now to reflect about
the things in life that we have surely gone without,
we could fixate no doubt on what we’d never see
or make our lives of great complexity,
but was it meant to be, implicitly,
just simplicity.

Here we are
the pantry door ajar
the shelves within are filled with all our living memories,
stored carefully, thoughtfully, for perpetuity;
it’s where we see our very precious legacy,
which is meant to be, uncontentiously,
of such simplicity.

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