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A Child-World


By James Whitcomb Riley

_The Child-World–long and long since lost to view–
A Fairy Paradise!–
How always fair it was and fresh and new–
How every affluent hour heaped heart and eyes
With treasures of surprise!

Enchantments tangible: The under-brink
Of dawns that launched the sight
Up seas of gold: The dewdrop on the pink,
With all the green earth in it and blue height
Of heavens infinite:

The liquid, dripping songs of orchard-birds–
The wee bass of the bees,–
With lucent deeps of silence afterwards;
The gay, clandestine whisperings of the breeze
And glad leaves of the trees.

* * * * *

O Child-World: After this world–just as when
I found you first sufficed
My soulmost need–if I found you again,
With all my childish dream so realised,
I should not be surprised._