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Celebrate Life


By Theresa Ann Moore

Sort all the moments through
With a well-designed sieve
Save only thoughts that renew
Cherish them as you relive

Precious grains remain
Sparkling brightly…
Free from agony and pain
Hold firmly and tightly

Utilize the energy within
Build upon this foundation
Rejoice as each day begins
Allow life to be a celebration

Celebrate you today!

celebrate you

“I know that it is probably not your birthday today, but you deserve to be treated a little special.  We don’t often take that moment, minute, day to celebrate OURSELVES!  And to celebrate the things that we do and how we strive to keep it all going.  Realize that you deserve to pamper yourself, even if it is just a little bit.  Take time to celebrate the very unique person that YOU call YOU!  Happy Un-Birthday!”   Patricia Mosca

Regardless of whether it is your birthday today or not, this is your permission slip to celebrate you today — Happy YOU Day!


permission slips

From Patricia Mosca’s book, Permission Slips … For Your Heart and Soul.  To learn more about Patricia’s Permission Slip Series, visit creativity-portal.com.