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There’s always another quilt

mrs bobbins 1Mrs. Bobbins cartoon courtesy of Kansas City Star Quilts,  pickledish.com

Ah yes, that’s the question my husband always asks, and that’s the answer I always give him.  I always have multiple projects going at the same time, all in different stages of completion.  I have a wolf quilt that I am working on, a cat quilt for a 5-year-old, a lap quilt for my niece, an Elmo quilt for a toddler and a safari quilt under construction, and all of them are a work in progress.  My preferred size of quilt to work on is a lap quilt size, but the size of a quilt can vary depending on the project.  A quilter’s work is never done!

Feel free to share whatever project you are currently working on, quilting or otherwise.