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Family and Friends


By Lizzy Pureheart

We all have a cherished garden we tend –
It is planted with love of family and friends.
The memories and dreams we treasure and share
Are like beautiful roses found blooming there.
The comfort and care on which we depend
Is given with love between family and friends.
The sunshine of laughter and rain of a tear
Only make our love grow with each passing year.
We may all be ourselves with no need to pretend
Because of the love of family and friends;
They notice the rainbows and weather the showers.
They overlook weeds and praise all our flowers.
The most valuable thing is the time that we spend
Tending this garden with family and friends.
When counting our blessings, we know from the start
That family and friends come first in our heart.

Friendship Quilt

good friendsImage from http://www.growingbolder.com

(For Susan/Blushfulmoon)

By NoWayJo

Warmth and comfort
in each quilt patch
brings us together
by these colors.

Red true is your heart
and spirit when winds
of so-long winter
are chill.

Gold, the threads
that bind us together…
A poem, a prayer,
a song.

Spring and green glows
from our windows.
By only words, I touch
each leaf.

To know sky clear blue,
I need never look up.
You have shown me
time and again.

Blushful Moon smiles
and all dark slips away
to rainbow colors of
our friendship quilt.



Birds of a Feather by Mary Burns

By Mary Burns

What instinct is it we possess
to recognize those of our kind?
How do I know with certainty
this kindred soul is paired with mine?

As sure as sunset follows dawn,
unto this person I am drawn.
We share the closeness of the flock,
yet free to fly out on our own.

In each other we do see
the bonds that link us through all time,
sure as birds of a feather
perch together with their kind.


birds of a feather

Image from worldoffemale.com