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Ansel Adams – Landscape photography

February 20, birthday of Ansel Adams, master photographer, best known for his black and white landscape images of the American West, particularly the national parks and wilderness.  His striking images of the beauty of nature and the natural world reflected his advocacy for conservation of wilderness areas and concern for the environment.  The video shows a sample of his body of work, set to the music of Aaron Copland.

Land art

Land art or earth art is a form of art which primarily is concerned with the natural environment.  Materials such as rocks, sticks, soil, plants and so on are often used, and the works frequently exist in the open and are left to change and erode under natural conditions. 

The link below will take you to the webpage of artist and sculptor Lucien den Arend which shows examples of his land art and explains in more detail the history and meaning of land art.



Unconventional landscape embroidery art

landscape embroidery art

Image from boredpanda.com

Peruvian embroiderer and artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates embroidered natural landscapes that spill out of their wooden frames, using threads of various size, color and length.  Regarding her Suspension series which explores our relationship with nature she stated, “Both embroidery and crocheting are techniques that require time.  I use these techniques in order to make a connection between manual work and the processes of nature; creating thread structures similar to the structures that make a plant, for example.”

To view more examples of her unconventional and beautiful landscape embroidery art, click on the link below.