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The Last Supper – William Wordsworth


By William Wordsworth

Tho’ searching damps and many an envious flaw
Have marred this Work, the calm ethereal grace,
The love deep-seated in the Saviour’s face,
The mercy, goodness, have not failed to awe
The Elements; as they do melt and thaw
The heart of the Beholder–and erase
(At least for one rapt moment) every trace
Of disobedience to the primal law.
The annunciation of the dreadful truth
Made to the Twelve, survives: lips, forehead, cheek,
And hand reposing on the board in ruth
Of what it utters, while the unguilty seek
Unquestionable meanings, still bespeak
A labour worthy of eternal youth!

Da Vinci Exhibition at Venetian in Las Vegas

da vinci exhibition

Just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and one of the highlights of the trip was visiting Da Vinci the Exhibition at the Imagine Exhibition Gallery at the Venetian.

The following description of the exhibit is from http://www.lasvegas.com:  

“Leonardo da Vinci’s timeless brilliance comes to life with Da Vinci The Exhibition, an interactive exhibit at The Venetian.  Presented by Imagine Exhibitions, the display explores the artist’s celebrated work through 65 inventions and machines, his advanced anatomical studies and world-renowned paintings.

Featuring interactive displays, guests get a hands-on understanding of the scientific principles behind da Vinci’s creations.  The exhibit is self-guided so you can spend as much time as you want reading the explanations provided on each display and testing out the interactive features.

Da Vinci – The Exhibition gives visitors an unparalleled look into the mind of the man who laid the groundwork for some of modern society’s most important inventions, such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute and bicycle.

One of the highlights in the exhibit is the replications of da Vinci’s most famous paintings, allowing visitors to get up close to the artwork — something not allowed with the actual paintings.”

 If you plan to visit Las Vegas, I recommend the Da Vinci Exhibition, it is well worth the time and expense to attend.  For more information on tickets, visit http://www.lasvegas.com/event/da-vinci-the-exhibition/21483/