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The Moon

moon 1

By artist Carmen Hurt, oil painting, 2008, “Night of the Big Moon”

By William B. Tappan

Sweet orb of night! I saw thee rise
In cloudless lustre o’er the plain;
I saw thee climb the azure skies,
With radiant splendours in thy train:
I marked thy mildly pensive beam
At midnight’s still and hallowed hour;
I watched the fitful, lonely gleam
That played on yonder ivied tower.

Sweet orb of night! I often love
When day with all its cares is o’er,
To wander in the silent grove,
And there the Source of Light adore:
O then, how false all else appears,
While wrapt in awe thy course I view,
And see thee mount the starry spheres,
And tread the fields of heavenly blue!

The Figure on a Hill by Jeffrey Harrison


By Jeffrey Harrison

When I saw the figure on the crown of the hill,
high above the city, standing perfectly still

against a sky so saturated with the late-
afternoon, late-summer Pacific light

that granules of it seemed to have come out
of solution, like a fine precipitate

of crystals hanging in the brightened air,
I thought whoever it was standing up there

must be experiencing some heightened state
of being, or thinking—or its opposite,

thoughtlessly enraptured by the view.
Or maybe, looking again, it was a statue

of Jesus or a saint, placed there to bestow
a ceaseless blessing on the city below.

Only after a good five minutes did I see
that the figure was actually a tree—

some kind of cypress, probably, or cedar.
I was both amused and let down by my error.

Not only had I made the tree a person,
but I’d also given it a vision,

which seemed to linger in the light-charged air
around the tree’s green flame, then disappear.

spring tree woman

Image from dreamstime.com